Nowadays, Personal Training is for everyone as people struggle to reach their health and fitness goals.  If you are reading this, then the chances are you are following some kind of training program?


But ask yourself these questions

· Are you progressing and actually reaching your goals? 

· When was the last time you reviewed your training program? 

· How do you know this is the correct program for you?


On the other hand, you might be new to exercise and are wondering how to get started or feel a little apprehensive about joining your local gym.  Who knows?  You might just want a different training experience!


Here at Revolution Fitness and Ayrshire Kettlebells we offer effective, fun, one to one or small group (2-4 people) personal training in the great outdoors.  These are tailored programs to suit you, at a location to suit you, at a time to suit you. 


We work with clients who need coaching and/or motivation in all areas of fitness, nutrition, weight loss and fitness assessment. We gather information about your needs, goals and exercise history in our free one to one consultation then develop a training program to deliver the results you want.


Outdoor training is our thing!  It’s fun, different and invigorating and as such, all sessions will be delivered in the fresh air around Ayrshire, regardless of the weather conditions. 

Contact us to arrange an appointment or for more information.

Text Box: Think of Mother Nature as your training partner!



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