The fact is that due to our overly sedentary lifestyles this is exactly the approach we need to adopt to get the results we want.

That said, our classes are safe and easily cater for the novice to the super-fit.  In fact, we have found that most people if not all are novices in kettlebell training.

Text Box: Burn 1000 calories per session!



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We Love No Nonsense Training

The days of endless miles on the cardio equipment and pointless crunches are over.  THEY JUST DON’T DELIVER RESULTS! 


Gym programs are predictable, boring and are rarely changed anywhere near as much as they should.  With Ayrshire Kettlebells, no two training sessions will be the same and further more, everyone is coached throughout the entire session.


The type of training we do has been proven to:

· Burn up to 1,000 calories per session

· Turbo charge your metabolism

· Improve your functional strength

· Improve your sports performance

· Deliver a rock hard mid section

· Increase joint flexibility and mobility

· Strengthens the posterior chain (hamstrings butt and back)

· Increase your cardiovascular fitness


The other thing we like here at Ayrshire Kettlebells is the great outdoors! Sure, it going to rain but that just adds to the challenge and sense of achievement. Picture training in the warm sunshine or running through the colours of autumn maybe even a crisp frosty winter workout.


Training Outdoors:

· Boosts mood

· Reduces your carbon footprint

· Rejuvenates, Energizes and invigorates

· Boosts immune system

· Is healthier and more fun

· It is more engaging and mentally stimulating

· Provides new and different challenges



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