Kettlebell training is sweeping the globe. Probably due to it being an extremely versatile piece of training equipment but more so, for the results it delivers in strength and fitness, weight loss and sports performance. It is widely used by male and female athletes, famous celebrities, martial arts and general fitness enthusiasts for the very reasons mentioned already.


Kettlebells though are not the latest fad, they are here to stay!


The Kettlebell (pictured above) is a traditional Russian training tool. Often described as a cannonball with a handle due to its appearance and a hand held gym due to its versatility. It is designed to promote all round fitness through relatively short but intense training sessions. It takes up very little space, can be used anywhere and is probably the single most versatile training tool available.

Kettlebells start at around 4kg and increase in weight at 4 kg increments all the way to 60kg. Most women start at around 8 – 12 kg and men around 12 – 20kg. Don’t worry, we can work our way up to the Big Bertha!


With the handle being outside the mass it makes the kettlebell more challenging to control and the body has to overcome, develop and absorb momentum hence its popularity with so many athletes.

Text Box: The thicker handle of the Kettlebell promotes a vice-like grip.
No more limp handshakes please!



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So What Exactly is a Kettlebell?



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